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Selling PoT items

Originally posted by pupina_chan at Selling PoT items
I decided to sell these items because I need funds..
Please send me a message or comment if you're interested  :)
Thanks in advance~

All items are still negotiable!

Anikuji Children's Cover Songs Clear File Set: Fuji Syuusuke & Fuji Yuuta: $17
Seigaku vs Rikkai Clear File [SEIGAKU]: $17
Seigaku vs Rikkai Clear File [ROKKAKU]: $15
Dream Live 2013 Uchiwa: $10
Tokugawa Kazuya Deformed Ball Keychain: $8

Tokugawa Kazuya Voice Mascot $15
Kai Yuujirou Relaxation Sticker: $10

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Taking orders for Prince of tennis goods from Animate!
If interested please
 【グッズ-オーディオアクセサリー】テニスの王子様 ミュージックプレイヤーカバー/A ブルー<リョーマ、跡部、幸村、白石>


四天宝寺の王子様 (K-Book Selection)
Also taking orders for the Shitenhouji anthology series and the Kenya x Zaizen anthology!

Collection Update!

Yeah, so....I just got two huge packages in the mail XD. One from Taiwan, one from Japan. Both contained lots of awesome Tenipuri stuff that I immediately took and and put up. And both have just completely made my day :D.

Sooo...here's a collection update!

Come and See ^-^Collapse )

Hope you enjoyed~

Me and my Tenipuri Collection!

Hi peoplez, I am back! This time with a full picture report on all the stuff I own. At least I think this is all of it... or well, I left out a few dojinshi (8 actually, because I was too lazy to dig them out) and my Tenipuri Calender (because I couldn't take a proper shot of my door)

So, this should be all of it!

Click and see for yourself!Collapse )

That is it! Hope you enjoyed it!

EDIT: I forgot to mention, I also own a Seigaku Cosplay ^-^ Don't have a picture of my clothes though... but I don't think it's really needed...


Introduction!~ (And my mini collection)

Hello everyone~ I go by the name shiraishi_fan67 here but have other username as well (Plus, my sister thinks I'm Kirihara...). I'm a normal girl who loves the Japanese culture. I started the whole Tenpuri/Tenimyu craze June 2009 is is still loving it.

Besides Tenipuri, I love Kuroshitsuji, Naruto, and others. I also like Japanese Dramas like Tokyo Ghost Trip. I'm watching only one Korea Drama at the moment which is Boys Over Flowers. I write Fanfiction (but barely post them) and draw sometimes (again, I barely post them).

Okay, enough of that. I started collecting Tenipuri goods in November 2009 so I won't take pictures of them. (Note: Bold Text is items that belongs to my sister)

My still growing listCollapse )


Hey :3
I'm 19 years old Fangirl from Austria, mostly named Hirami or Fuji.
more bored infoez & Pics under the cut |3Collapse )

Oh well... let's intorduce myself


The name I go around everywhere is usually DNAkapula or Inui (as friends call me ;)) even though there are some other names that are somewhat irrelevant here.

I'm an almost 20 year old girl who's learning the Japanese language subbing tenipuri-related stuff on her own based on what's interesting at the time. I also have a dream of moving into Japan someday :3

Currently I'm more into the seiyuu part of the Tenipuri fandom, even though I love Tenimyu as well, and thus I'm more into collecting the seiyuu-related merchandise atm. I'm currently more into collecting the ever-increasing character CDs. Oh which I've managed to collect a nice amount already x) (considering some of them have been Sold Out for like forever)

Colletion listingCollapse )

Introduction + Tenipuri Collection...

Let's introduce myself... or something like that. I actually don't know what to do with the time I am given at the moment, so expect something really long and very boring. [joking, except for that "I have too much time" thing]
At the moment I am in Japan and I have some free days till I go home again. So, I could use those free days to visit a lot of things, except the fact I already visited what I wanted to see. Of course I could just randomly travel around, but... yesterday was quite a busy day and I learned a week ago that two days full of activity after another aren't a good idea for me.

What did I do yesterday. Since it's slightly Tenipuri/Tenimyu related, I guess it's fine to say a few words about this. I went to Furukawa Yuuta's FULL SUMMER VACATiON LIVE in Shibuya. And that was amazing! I am still really hyper. Anyone interested in a report on the live, PLEASE GO HERE
Why is this so Tenipuri/Tenimyu, of course you know Yuuta is our 4th cast Fuji, but besides that we also had Special Guest number 1:Sasaki Yoshihide (Shiraishi B, Hide-chan in short) and Special Guest number 2: Hirose Yuusuke (Gin A, Hiro-kun in short). So...

So, who am I? That was the question I wanted to answer. I am... I don't give my real name on the internet, so this might be a little troublesome. Of course my LJ name says I am Sindraa, but lately I am better known as Riku sometimes. I am 20 years old (almost 21), living in the Netherlands. I've studied the Japanese language for 2 years now at University. This Summer I've done a 5 week Summer course in Tokyo, which I ended successfully 2 days ago. (So the concert was a bit like my celebration party ^-^ Even though I was on my own)
Then, I am currently active as part of my sub-group Amaris. (I am the only member, so I work on my own) I guess a few... or more than a few people do know me because of the Tenimyu Sub releases. (And I also to stuff from Furukawa Yuuta & Nakagauchi Masataka)

Good... feel free to ask me questions about myself. I don't guarantee an answer though...

Collection talk (under a cut!)Collapse )

Than, because I forgot earlier, I'll give a little introduction how I got to meet with Tenipuri... about 2-3 years ago. (Just a few months before the last chapter was released) Let's see, I actually hear some friend of me say her younger sister was really keen on some series. Only a long way later I looked it op... and I remembered it was "Prince of Tennis" (but Tennis wasn't Tennis, but spoken out differently) well, that's how I found the anime and immediately knew this wasn't the series my friend had been talking about. 
Any way, I watched the 1st episode and got bored immediately. Only a long way later... I was watching the Bleach musicals and I figures about half of those guys also performed in the Prince of tennis musicals. So, as I wondered if I would be able to understand such a musical without knowing the story, I watched it and... fell in love! A few months befor the release of the last manga chapter, So after watching the 1st musical I started watching the anime and I started reading the manga and came to the one to last chapter one week before the last to appear. Then I also started to watch all musicals and... that's about the whole story...

Okay, I am gonna shut up now. If anyone has a question, Feel free to ask!

By now I figured I forgot to add a lot of stuff to this list. Even though some things are pretty obviously existing in my room. ^-^ So, I have a Tenipuri Calender, Tenipuri Live Action Movie (special box set) and then on my 2nd to last day I also bought some more stuff of Yuuta (DVD & Photobook) And 3 Tenimyu photosets.
In any case. I'll try to gather everything when I am home and take pictures of everything for you.

First Collections Post!

Finally managed to get myself to take photos of my collection :D.

I call it my Prince of Tennis collection, but more accurately speaking, it's really my Rikkai collection. And it's soon going to become my technically-still-Rikkai-but-mostly-Masa collection :P. Oh well.

Prince of Tennis Collection!Collapse )

I'm expecting some stuff to come in the mail, though I'm not sure how it'll take for the stuff to get here :O. Can't wait, though! More Masa love here I come~ *cough*

Hopefully my parents will stop caring so much amount how much money I spend on things like this, and I'll actually be able to get more stuff...Though I admit deputy services are so expensive, it's practically not worth it half the time >_>. Not being in Japan sure makes things hard on a collector T-T.

Intro and Sales Post~

Hey peoples! So, this is actually miraishiki, except this is my selling/buying journal XD. I thought I'd start this community off with a little sales post, followed by a short intro!

- I ship from the U.S. (Florida), and will do both domestic and international shipping. Ask for shipping quotes~
- I only accept PayPal: miraishiki@gmail.com
- All prices are in USD and don't include shipping. All prices are also negotiable :D
-Feel free to ask questions! PMs are fine, too.
- I WILL consider trades! My wishlist is here.

- Feedback post is here.

Anime/Manga Items(Plushies, Soundtracks, Manga, DVDs, etc.)Collapse )

Cards/TCGs (Pokemon, Prince of Tennis, Neopets, etc.)Collapse )

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Right...the intro. Well, I've been a Prince of Tennis lover since it first started in Japan. At first I was like, "A manga about boys playing tennis? Sounds...uh...interesting?" It helped that I play tennis too, so I was a bit interested, so I gave it a shot...and I liked it. I kept on watching until they got to the Rikkai part (during the Kanto finals) - and then I just absolutely fell in love with it. Or should I say I fell in love with Rikkai...? *cough* Well, that's another story for another day XD.

I'll be putting up a collection post VERY soon, but I wanted to get an intro up first :D.